Tenor Hero!


Since the early childhood of the opera in the early 1600s, the tenor has held a very special position in the opera literature. A good tenor is often in great demand, best-paid, and the opera literature is full of hefty roles for the tenor as both the first lover and the hero who saves the most beautiful soprano from the certain death. With music by Purcell, Händel, Lully and Bach, “Tenor Hero” is a journey in the baroque opera literature with some small detours. Anders Jerker Dahlin is the personification of an archetypal tenor hero. He takes us on an imaginary journey from dancing drunkard and amorous first lover to dormant and later repenting sinner, before it all goes from bad to worse and he has to go to war. While all this is going on, the outward action is set in relief by instrumental music that comments on what is to happen and has happened, and it all ends in a hilarious party.

Barokkanerne – Norwegian Baroque Ensemble counts 18 musicians including our renowned oboist and ensemble leader, Alfredo Bernardini.


Leder og obosolist • ALFREDO BERNARDINI